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My name is Cory Warner. I'm a cabinet-maker and furniture designer.

I work alone out of a small basement shop located in Lehi, Utah (about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City).

In the past 36 months I have had to move shop spaces and living spaces several times, so my woodworking output is at best "nomadic" (I am unfortunately not able to take on commissions currently; hopefully this changes in the next 6 months). While this is not my main source of income, it is certainly the guiding force of my life, and it plays a part in how I approach literally everything.

In these movements I had to make decisions regarding which tools and machines made sense to bring with me, both from a financial aspect and also in regard to spatial negotiations. In the end, I primarily became a "hand-tool woodworker". This is not an ideological stance on my part; it happened more or less out of necessity. I do still own and use a few machines, but because of limits on space my work has become primarily focused on tools that do not plug in. It has been an intense learning curve, but I am grateful for what I have, and through these changes I believe I have come to learn a great deal about wood as a creative medium and material. Perhaps most importantly, I have learned that you can never stop discovering how wood responds when you are working with it, regardless of the tools you present. There is never a point in life I will reach that I cannot become better or more knowledgeable about what I do, and I believe that is primarily what drew me in to working with wood. The appeal is that I can always be a better woodworker tomorrow than I am today, and that is always what I strive for.

I have been approaching woodworking and furniture design as a serious endeavor for the past 6 years. My career background began in architectural/mechanical drafting and design, as well as working as a machinist, motorcycle mechanic, welder, and various other forms of manual labor.


"Manual Labor & Aesthetic Research"



Certificate of Completion with a major in Cabinetmaking and Furniture Construction (with honors) in May of 2016, SLCC

Recipient of Jay Gaynor Memorial Scholarship (awarded November of 2017), Colonial Williamsburg, VA

(IN PROGRESS) Research in support of the Utah Historical Society: "Beehive Metaphors: A Contemporary Study of Mormon Pine Furniture"


The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen (NYC)

The Society of American Period Furniture Makers

Early American Industries Association

Eagle Scout award from The Boy Scouts of America, 2004



PHONE: (385) - 625 - 9784

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