Those who know me personally know that before I was anything worth giving a "professional" title to, I was an avid reader... and I will never be happy without books. My life is devoted to manual labor and aesthetic research, but in tandem with those things I have always been a "literary man."

I grew up in a household where television was more or less forbidden (before the internet was even available), and I come from a long line of Germans who read and think deeply. My maternal grandfather August passed on the habit to me of reading several books at once, and when I'm not working, or at my bench, there is a good chance I'm reading.

Recently I have been revisiting poetry, and in particular, poetry with an emphasis on the natural world; usually poets who were also "woodsmen" of some form. This is a recommendation of book and a Norwegian poet who falls into this category.

His name is Hans Børli (1918-1989), and the collection of poems of is We Own the Forests and Other Poems, published by Norvik Press (2015).

It's a collection of a phenomenal body of poetic work, some almost haiku-like, printed side by side in the original Norwegian and the translated English. It spoke to me, and my hope is that if/when you read it, it will speak to you as well.